The search for the Philosophers Stone…


Hogwarts first years take part in gruelling challenges to find the philosophers stone!

Activities included: playing Fluffy a tune, escaping Aragog, recovering the bezoar from the fire, using invisibility cloaks, rescuing Norbert the dragon, decoding runes, making wands racks and following the unicorn trail
After every task each house received a potion ingredient. With all of them, they could make a truth serum to get the stones location from Professor Umbridge

Following the unicorn trail

Escaping Aragogs web

Rescuing Norbert

Cubs cast spell – click link to watch video (on YouTube)

Gryffindor were the first to find the mirror of Erised

Followed by Slytherin

The mirror revealed which creature was guarding the stone

The day was finished off with a tasty kelpie and hagrids veg bake before a campfire and bed